I’m crying for a meal

This happened today. I did cry for a meal.

The heat of the day punched me
with its strong fist of fire.
I'm punching back,
Fighting hard 
to get out of the sight of this star, 
that looks at me like an obsessive boyfriend,
following me everywhere.
I walk,
I stop,
I sigh,
I frown
and I engage this enemy again.

The day robbed me some life
and the flames try to take my energy
I'm not strong,
I don't fly, 
But I'm not easy on giving up
So I kick every step of my way home
and I suceed.
I won this time.

I cannot see my stalker anymore.
I'm ecstatic,
I got home.

The forces are leaving me
for today.
The body I'm using
it's eating itself alive.
I am starving,
I need some help.
Desperately in the kitchen I realize
there is nothing there,
there is no such prize.
I feel so hopeless... 
I start to cry.